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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

How long have you been riding bikes?
I have been riding bikes since the age of 3, Started racing mountainbikes at the age of 15. My first race was the Bike Cellar Spring Classic.

What was your first bike?
My first bike was a banana seat hand-me-down bike from the neighbours.

What was your favorite bike?
My Dekerf Team SL. I spent 6 months saving up for this bike and put it together myself with a mixture of Syncros parts.

What do you love about bikes?
I love building custom bikes for people whether its a custom Pivot Mach 6 or modifying bikes for my children.

How long have you been in the bike business?
I have been around the bike business since the age of 13 as a “Shop Grom” that would hang out and learn how to work on bikes.

What is your favorite ride?
There are too many rides to speak of — Sun Peaks opening weekend; camping like dirt bags in a friend’s back yard; Seven Summits in Rossland; shuttling in Mexico for my 30th birthday; riding Mount Baker to the top from the border and chasing motorcycles on the way down.

What do you love about the bike business?
I love the sense of family in the bike industry — everyone is really close.

What are your top 3 skills related to working at Obsession?
1. I would say my top skill working at Obsession: Bikes is the ability to see people on their bikes and figure out what needs to change about their fit to improve their riding experience.

2. Secondly, I would say is a passion for bikes and people riding bikes.

3. Third it would be the ability to see how a bike is going to ride based on the person on the bike.

Why do you love working at Obsession: Bikes?
I love working at Obsession: Bikes because of our customers’ enthusiasm for bikes. It reminds me every day why I love bikes.

If you were to travel on a bike anywhere in the world where would that be?
If I could travel anywhere in the world to ride bikes it would be the Chilcotins. I know it sounds weird that I wouldn’t want to travel somewhere exotic like Peru, but I keep hearing about how epic the rides are from customers and have always dreamt of going.

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