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Matt C.

Matt C.

How long have you been riding bikes for?
13 years.

What was your first bike?
First bike was a 16″ Adams Ignitor full suspension kids bike.
First real mountainbike was a 2013 Kona Shred.

What was your favorite bike?
A custom built 2016 Trek Slash 9.9.

What do you love about bikes?
I like bikes. I like bikes because they offer a sense of freedom, a sense of escape from the rigors of the real world. Ultimately, they provide a thrill in which is unparalleled by any other sort of machine.

What is your favorite ride/race/trail/place?
BC Bike Race certainly takes the cake! They offer riders a chance to experience world-class trails from all over BC with tons of support and a top-notch atmosphere.

What do you like about the bike business?
Every day in the bike business unveils a new opportunity, an opportunity to share my passion towards cycling with like-minded individuals. More importantly, it allows me to engage in new experiences and better myself as an individual with every conversation that is had.

What are your top three skills that make you an asset to Obsession?
1. I am concise, I communicate in a direct manner.
2. I am always aware of the conditions around me and can make decisions based upon the ever-changing work environment.
3. I am full of passion and cheerfulness and believe as though I make a sincere effort to make a positive change to the lives of the people around me.

Why do you like working at Obsession: Bikes?
A massive selection of bikes from all the greatest brands, like minded and supportive staff, and more importantly, a great customer base.

If you were to travel anywhere with our bike, where would that be?

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