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How long have you been riding bikes for?
Since the Christmas of ’89.

What was your first bike?
Yellow 16″ Norco.

What was your favourite bike?
1999 S & M Next Gen Holmes.

What do you love about bikes?
The freedom to go where I want when I want.

How long in the bike business?
19 years.

What’s your favourite / Ride / Race / Trail / place?
Park Gate Bowl.

What do you love about the bike business?
It’s bikes! What else?

Why do you like working at Obsession: Bikes?
We are a rider owned / operated business. We are here for the same reason: Be around people who love bikes. Also, the old safes are neat.

If you were to travel on a bike anywhere in the world where would that be?
University of Düsseldorf.

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