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How long have you been riding bikes for?
Since September 5th, 1987.

What was your first bike?
A ‘BMX 2002’ it was 1987.

What was your favourite bike?
Everytime I jump on a new bike, it is the best I’ve ridden.

What do you love about bikes?
Everything! From the technology that is involved to the silly grin on my face during a ride. How bikes can be so simple yet sophisticated at the same time. Bikes have the power to transcend cultures and language. Connections at a mechanical level. They can be athletic and artistic at the same time. Magic!

How long in the bike business?
Since my move to Canada in 2001. I’ve built, raced, competed, broke and fixed bikes for a good 17 years. Of course that’s a blink in some industry veteran’s timespan.

What’s your favourite / Ride / Race / Trail / place?
Favourite ride is some of the lesser known trails of North Shore, preferably shuttled, but the occasional sufferfest is good for the soul. Race is BC Bike Race madness, and the Enduro World Series. Trails, I can never remember trail names, it’s the one over there in that forest on that mountain.

What do you love about the bike business?
The bikes of course and the people. Some seriously self-motivated folk out there having a blast.

Why do you like working at Obsession: Bikes?
1. A collection of incredibly diverse group of individuals at the top of their game. Both as team members and customers.
2. Lots to learn from each and every one.
3. Selling the best bikes in the business doesn’t hurt either.

If you were to travel on a bike anywhere in the world where would that be?
Any place with endless ribbon of singletrack that lead to tasty food and beverages will do. Peru, Spain, Portugal, Norway.

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