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How long have you been riding bikes for?
Been riding bikes for more than 50 years …

What was your first bike?
My first real bike was a CCM, with a 2 speed internal hub and a banana seat.

What was your favourite bike?
Hard one for me as I’ve been fortunate to ride many. I will have to say my Rocky Mtn Blizzard (1991) w/Syncros fork, stem & seat post. I rode this bike that summer and for years. It’s on this bike that I truly learned to ride.

What do you love about bikes?
The freedom I feel while on my bike. The places my bike has taken me and the great stories of adventure that can be told.

How long have you been in the bike business?
Landed my first bike shop job in Toronto at Hopkins cycle. It is from this job, I found my love of bikes and working in a great shop.

What’s your favourite / Ride / Race / Trail / place?
My favourite place to ride is Utah. Moab and Park City. These places are simply magical. Whole Enchilada in Moab and the Ridge trail that drops from Park City down to Salt Lake City.

What do you love about the bike business?
The people for sure. There is such a great camaraderie and of course the bikes … I feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Why do you like working at Obsession: Bikes?
I work for Obsession because of the people I work with. All of the team are such great characters. As a local realtor, the bike shop gives me a place where I can get to know the people in the community.

If you were to travel on a bike anywhere in the world where would that be?
Patagonia. I want to ride through Patagonia in Argentina.

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