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The sum is greater than its parts. That is how we work. Therefore, our staff group is complete with: Experience, Knowledge, Compassion, Empathy. We want to listen to you and find solutions to whatever it is you are searching for. But above all else we are passionate to share that which we all love — the bike!

James Wilson

James Wilson

Q&A with founder James Wilson

How long have you been riding bikes for?
48 years

Tell us about your first bike?
It was a bike that was handed down from a friend of my parents. No idea about the brand, but every kid before me painted it.

Did you have a favourite bike?
My current mountainbike is my favourite. The 2018 Scott Genius 700 Tuned. We (the bike business) are driven to improve. Almost every year since I started bikes have improved. This one takes this to another place.

What do you love about bikes?
Freedom, I feel that it is like flying.

How long have you been in the bike business?
27 years.

Which is your favourite / Ride / Race / Trail / place?
Huaraz, Peru.

What do you love about the bike business?
The people who are attracted to bikes are the type of folks I like to hang out with; driven, into precision, into machines, into the outdoors, into fitness, into the planet.

What are your top 3 skills related to working at Obsession?

1. Besides being Obsessed?

2. I think that steering the business is number one. I have a distinct vision on what customer service means. I work “IN” the store for much of the year and I really get a great feel for what our clients are asking for. That is where “Doing it Right, Right on Time.” came from. Sure I wrote it but really it was a reflection of what we were being asked to do.

3. Listening: I really like to listen to our client’s stories and try to understand how we can help out. I do my best to build that into our culture — listening and helping.

If you were to travel on a bike anywhere in the world where would that be?
I love riding in Peru but I really feel that I need to ride in Nepal.

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