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How to buy a bike

What? You can’t buy a bike online from Obsession: Bikes?

It’s not that we haven’t embraced the digital age — we make online purchases from our vendors every day and we’re are all over social media. But because bikes have so many details and nuances, we can’t possibly figure out the correct bike for you without having a conversation. We’ll discuss the kind of riding you’ll really be doing, where you ride, if you’ll ride only in the summer, your budget, and much, much more.

You Research. We research.

We can help you buy a bike because we have years of experience with road, mountain, commuters… We read web reviews, test products and listen to our customers to determine what products survive best in this riding area.

Our Service department is top drawer and the feedback loop to purchasing and sales is solid. Best of all when we mess up on a suggestion — we back you up. This is our pledge to you.

Contact us and your message will be immediately sent to an expert. Assuming he hasn’t gone to bed he will get back to you with an answer or more questions.

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Bike Demos & Bike Fittings

Doing it right. Right on time. Learn more about how to try out a few different bikes to make sure you’re getting the one you want. We’ll make sure the bike you buy will fit you like a glove by custom fitting you to your new bike.

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