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At Obsession: Bikes we have always been into high performance bikes and leading edge technology. We have been servicing e-bikes in one form or another for over 15 years but it’s only been in the last 4 years that we have felt comfortable selling them. Why? Before 2016 the e-bikes available were unreliable, the parts supply was sporadic and warranty fulfillment was not in line with our values. What changed? Basically everything, so now we can provide e-bikes built by some of the top manufacturers in the world — businesses that we have been partnered with since we started Obsession: Bikes in 2005 — businesses we trust.

Why ride an e-bike?

Let’s face facts: cycling on the Shore is not easy. These mountain communities are not ideal for self-propelled transport. Just the effort to ride up Lonsdale once keeps most from riding at all. This has now changed; add a couple hundred watts of power, long range batteries, easy handling and it is now possible to enjoy going everywhere on a bike. Want to ride to the Cypress look out? Go for it. Want to ride with friends to English bay? Go for it. And if bad traffic is a stressor in your world you should know — e-bikes never get stuck in traffic.

Commuting, touring, cruising, Mountainbiking, road riding — it’s all available here and we really want to help out. We will slow the process down and in clear language (no jargon) answer all your questions about these revolutionary new bicycles.

Then we will insist you test ride an e-bike to help you see what everyone is so excited about.

e-bike in transit

1. Save gas

Here’s a game: plug the next car you plan to buy into this. Go to this link at carcosts.caa.ca and enter the kilometers you normally drive in a year, then re-enter with 10,000km less. The cost savings in one year will more than pay for your new e-bike.

e-bike off road

2. Save time

Does your household wonder why a Sunday shuttle ride takes 4 hours? Or are you tired of being late because the Bridge is backed up? There are no retrievals for e-bikes and no traffic jams.

e-bike by lake

3. Save the planet

It’s obvious that using a car or SUV to commute is brutal. Car Cost figures that a typical SUV produces 35,231kg of greenhouse gases in 5 years (and costs $14,000 a year to operate).

e-bike on road

4. Reduce congestion

It’s not so bad to be altruistic. Help reduce congestion — ride an e-bike.

woman by e-bike

5. Better than transit

COVID-19 is teaching us all a lesson about cleanliness. No COVID on your e-bike — can’t say the same for the bus, Seabus or Skytrain.

E-bikes side by side

6. Fun with the ones you love

The e-bike is a great recreational activity that allows couples to enjoy riding together; no one gets dropped, you can cover huge kilometers, and go to places you haven’t seen in years.

Brands of e-bikes we stock

Online research can only get you so far. Come into our store, contact us anytime and let’s have a discussion about the best bike for you. We’ll discuss your riding style, preferences, budget and more.

See if we have what you’re looking for. Contact us >

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We carry 5 kinds of e-bikes

Commuting, touring, cruising, mountainbiking, road riding: The choices are many. To answer any questions about available models — be sure to include what size you are after.

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Our e-commuter bikes are boiler plate solid. They need to be after all they are your connection to and from work on the daily. No fluff. Solid.

e-touring bike

Touring e-bikes

The Genius was put on this earth to get you up mountains with ease and to get you back Touring e-bikes is an emerging activity. Couples are discovering the bonus of the weekender tour. Long range batteries and ample power ensure that when you reach your destination you are ready to enjoy the evening as much as the day. And if that wasn’t enough — no ferry line ups!



Let’s be honest bikes can be practical at the expense of beauty. Electra E-Bikes and Trek have changed this utilitarian approach by offering timeless classic designs that capture the essence of the glory days of cycling — when a bicycle was a thing of beauty. Seriously, falling in love is pretty cool, even if it’s with a bicycle.



We get mountainbikes and we are not lowering our commitment to finding the best in class models available. The e-bikes available are from companies that get mountainbiking. Hundreds of wins, incredible commitment to development. No Johnny-come-lately approach here — only the best.

e-road bikes

E-road bikes

These are the most refined of all the bikes we sell. Improbably light. A smoother motor than your own. Stylish. Sure there is a stigma to “giving in” but nothing is worse than no longer riding. Tell the naysayers to stuff it. You want to ride, so ride.

Interested in one of these

What happens when you come a store that has an Obsession with Bikes? You get the best service! Contact us or come talk to one of our Obsessed staff, we will really dig in to make sure your next bike is your best one ever.

Here are some links to help you with your e-bike research: Scott e-bikes FAQs and Trek New to e-bikes

Bike going downhill


“There are so many bikes to choose from.” We hear this all the time and it’s true, there are a many available. Come in to the store and try one out for yourself. We’ll help you find the next best ride.

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You wouldn’t put up with a pebble in your shoe, so why put with a poor fitting bike? Each new bike we sell gets a professional bike fitting tailored to you.

What happens during a fitting >

Biking in the mountains

How to buy a bike

What?! You can’t buy bikes online from Obsession: Bikes? There are so many details and nuances about a bike and your style, that we can’t possibly figure out the correct bike for you without having a conversation (in store or online).

How to buy a bike the Obsession way >

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