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Demo Bikes

There are so many bikes to choose from

Demo bikes are an important step towards finding your perfect ride. Each year we search out Best In Class bikes for our Demo Fleet, bikes which make sense for where and how we ride in BC. Demo bikes by Scott, Trek and Pivot.

Demo bikes available

We have demo bikes from Scott, Trek, and Pivot. And with special requests we can likely find others models you might be looking for.

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Demo bikes: How it works

Come on by with all your questions and have a chat with one of our Customer Service Advisors. They will listen to your questions, get a feel for your expected use and try to make some suggestions based on this info. If you choose to demo a bike and if available they will set it up for you. Set up will include; seat position, reach, suspension values, tire pressure, etc. They will review the bike’s tech features arming you with the info you need to fully enjoy the ride. If the bike you want to demo is already out, they will book a reservation for you.

You can reserve in advance if you already know what you want to demo and this can be done over the phone, in person or online. When using one of our demo bikes, your credit card will be preauthorized for the value of the bike.

We charge $80/day to cover a basic tune up, we would like the bike back clean(ish) and you are responsible for any damage. Watch our new website newsfeed or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details on free of charge demo weekends.

Featured Demo Bikes

These are some of the bikes available. If you’re looking for a specific model contact us.

Evil Wreckoning Bike

Evil Wreckoning

The Wreckoning has returned, redesigned from the rubber up and ready to rumble. Featuring a fresh look and a lil’ bit more travel—5 millimetres more—this uphill-happy, DH-destroying 166mm, 29er annihilates imitators and inspires manic grins. From Aggy to all-day. From Rampage to Enduro. Up, down, and upside-down, the Wreckoning doesn’t care which way it’s going. It just gets there fast in classic, low-down dirty Evil style.

Interested in trying this bike? Shoot us a message to arrange a demo day!

Scott Spark 910 Bike

Scott Spark 910

When you think of the perfect mountain bike, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the all new Spark. Why, you ask? Well, beyond the fact that it is fast, lightweight and ultra capable on all sorts of terrain, it’s just damned good lookin’. Short-travel trail bike? “Downcountry” rig? Occasional race bike? Whatever, call it what you want to call it. All we know is that this is one hell of a mountain bike.

Interested in trying this bike? Shoot us a message to arrange a demo day!

Orbea Wild FS

Orbea Wild FS Team

It’s time to get moving. Load up your pack for an afternoon ride and start pedaling. Whatever obstacles exist between you and the trails and your Special Places, it’s time to run over them. Reclaim access and discover new adventures the way you like – aboard a fun and capable machine that enhances your skills while it extends your range. Conquer steep climbs and push the limits of traction and good judgment on the way back down. Enjoy clever design and sophisticated suspension kinematics, or simply focus on the trail. Wild FS revitalizes your riding and helps you chart new destinations. Take back control – Take back your Wild.

Interested in trying this bike? Shoot us a message to arrange a demo day!


Scott Genius 910 eRIDE

A long travel e-mtn bike with all the best features of the genre. Featuring 160 front/150 rear with FOX 36 Rhythm Air fork, Fox Nude T Evol shock and Scott’s TwinLoc Suspension System. Bosch’s Performance CX motor, paired with a 625 Wh battery gives you huge power and impressive range. You’ll have so much fun riding this bike that you won’t want to come back to the store. Everyone who tries a mtn e-bike can’t wipe that grin off their face for days. Come visit us for some laughter therapy.

Interested in trying this bike? Shoot us a message to arrange a demo day!

Contact us to book a demo bike

To set you up with the best demo bike for you, let us know the answers to these questions:

  • How would you best describe your new bike?
  • How do you intend to use it?
  • Will you ride through the winter or summer only?
  • What size bike are you after or how tall are you?
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