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Bike Fitting

Bike fittings are a crucial part of ensuring a smooth ride. You wouldn’t put up with a pebble in your shoe, so why put with a poor fitting bike? Each new bike we sell gets a professional bike fitting. We also offer fittings for any bike not purchased from us (for a fee).

How do we fit you to your bike?

18 years of fitting as many as three bikes a day has led to a massive background of knowledge. We take courses and work with some of this area’s best physiotherapists to constantly improve our craft. We parlay this experience into fitting your bike, ensuring that your ride is incredible.

Here’s a thought; one horsepower is 749 watts. Olympic Mountainbike Gold Medalist Nino Schurter can generate around 360 NP watts for over an hour and a half. Most rec riders can barely handle half of that. If your saddle is uncomfortable or in the wrong place you could lose as much as 25% of that. If your large muscles groups aren’t firing correctly it could be another 25%. We won’t let this happen — your enjoyment of cycling is so important, it is our Obsession.

A bike fitting needs to be scheduled. Mountain bikers, enduro and XC racers, endurance road cyclists, road racers and charity riders, commuters and touring riders can all benefit from a well fitted bike. You may be working through an injury or maybe your riding is not where you would like it to be. Yet you will spend hundreds of hours on your bike each year — let’s make it great!

Professional Fitting Steps

1. Consultation

Obsession Bikes Bike Fitting Consultation

2. Assessment

Obsession Bikes Bike Fitting Assessment

3. Fitting

Obsession Bikes Bike Fitting

4. Testing

Obsession Bikes Bike Fitting Testing
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